2009 NPC Team Universe

/ Posted 09.24.2009

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Well, I did it!  I accomplished another major goal by winning the welterweight class at the Team Universe last weekend!  My final amateur contest will be the IFBB World Championships in Qatar the first week of November.  Next year I will take my pro card and compete as an IFBB Pro in the under 202 class. 

New York was a blast!  It’s fun to get to see alot of my old friends from the WNBF….now ex-WNBF pros.  Wendell Floyd got his pro card by winning the men’s bodybuilding overall title.  Angela Mraz got her IFBB Pro card by placing 2nd in her class in the open division Figure and also winning the Masters Figure overall.  Also competing in the show were Marlon Hospedales and Robert Brown in the heavyweight class.  There were more former WNBF’ers  but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.  I also had a nice conversation with former WNBF Chairman, Steve Downs.  Steve is now the marketing director for MHP and is loving his new job!  Steve told me that he was sorry for how things went down with my suspension 3 years ago.  From our conversation I got the impression that he didn’t agree with suspending athletes for appearing in other magazines, but he had to go along with it because it was his job.  I’m guessing that the suspension of (4-time WNBF World Figure Champion) Angela Mraz this year was the last straw for Steve.  He resigned his position at Chelo Publishing and the WNBF about a month later.  It was nice to talk to Steve.  I’ve always liked the guy!

I have to thank my girlfriend and biggest fan, Diana Hurley for helping live my dreams this year.  The trip to NYC for the Team Universe was my birthday present from Diana.  At the beginning of the year I was trying to decide whether to compete in the North American or the Team U.  Financially I couldn’t afford to do both.  So Diana gave me the NYC trip for my birthday so that I  could do both!  She’s also gotten my butt out of bed to do cardio…usually at 5am for the past 6 weeks to make sure that I was ready.  And, she dieted right along with me all summer and is in really great shape!  Next weekend we are headed to Raliegh, NC so that Diana can do a photo shoot with my good friend (and extraordinary photographer) Lisa Brewer.  The weekend after that we’ll travel to Chicago to attend Diana’s 25th class reunion while she’s in the best shape of her life!  Coincidence???  I don’t think so!!!!  :-)

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Team Universe Bound

/ Posted 09.16.2009

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading out of Austin at 6:30 am, traveling to NYC for the 2009 NPC Team Universe.  Many of you may be thinking ” but Dave, you already got your pro card!”.  Yes, I have qualified to compete as an IFBB Pro and I will do that next year.  But, before I step up to the next level I want to take one more shot at the Team Universe.  I would like to be on the US Team to the IFBB World Championships.  I just think that would be an experience of a lifetime!

Since the North American I have stayed very focused.  I haven’t missed a workout or a cardio session other than the 2 days that I spent in Mike Neveux’s studio.  But, that was extremely hard work!!!  I didn’t need any additional workouts or cardio on those days!!!

This morning I weighed 172.0 lbs and pinched at 2.5% on the Skindex skinfold calipers….and I’m sodium loading, so I think I’ll be able to get my skin a little thinner when I decrease my sodium intake on Friday.  I’m just hoping that I can get down to the welterweight limit of 165.25 for weigh-in tomorrow afternoon, then get some food and water back in and step on stage at about 170 on Friday night.  Stay tuned!!!

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Photo shoot

/ Posted 09.04.2009

I just back into the office after 2 days of photo shoots with Ironman photographer, Michael Neveux.  Mike’s work is amazing and his attention to detail is just extraordinary (that’s why his work is so damn good!).  On Wednesday we shot 2 abdominal training videos and a Power Bodybuilding Bench Press workout that will be available soon for download to IPod.  In addition to the vids we also got stills of the ab exercises and the bench press.  When I got up yesterday my abs were super-sore!  But, it was back to the studio to get a cover shot with Pullup Queen, Crystal West.  Crystal is a really sweet woman and was a lot of fun to work with.  And, her pullup exploits are absolutely mind boggling!  I wasn’t about to get suckered into a chinup challenge with her!  After lunch we did some physique shots in front of a really cool coragated tin backdrop, and then it was back to the weights for more training pics.  I love getting in the studio with Michael and his great staff, but make no mistake….getting the photos you see in Ironman Magazine is exhausting work!!!  I’m sore and tired!  And, let me tell you I sweated my butt off during the shoots!  There was no need for fake sweat!

Time to take a nap now as I’m very sleep deprived.  I got home at 1am and got up at 5am to do my cardio before my first client.  I want to be freaky-shredded for the Team Universe in 2 weeks!

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IFBB North American

/ Posted 09.01.2009


Saturday August 28th I won the Over 50 Overall title at the 2009 IFBB North American Championships and finally earned a coveted IFBB Pro Card!!!  What a thrill!  I couldn’t have done it without my girlfriend, Diana Hurley.  She made me do cardio many times that I didn’t want to get out of bed early, or when I was feeling too tired at the end of the day.  It all paid off on Saturday!!!



After the show we hit downtown Cleveland for some sashimi, a couple of sushi rolls and a few drinks.  Then Sunday morning we were up for cardio and back on the mission for my next goal….a class win at the NPC Team Universe.  I want to make the US team to the IFBB Amateur World Championships before stepping on the Pro stage in 2010.


Note the very cool Built By Iron shirt I’m sporting in the pic above.  Thanks Reid!  And, thank you to all of my friends and fans for all of your support, and all of your congratulatory messages!!!  I’ll get to all of them eventually!


Now I’m off to the airport.  I’m heading to LA to shoot with Michael Neveux for the magazine!!!  Look for future articles and a cover with me and Crystal West!

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