Busy, busy, busy!

/ Posted 10.28.2008

Damn I’ve been busy for the past week! I had an early morning flight to Anchorage last Friday, so I had to squeeze my clients into less days last week, setting up a very hectic schedule.

So, catching up with my workouts….by Thursday the only bodypart I hadn’t trained was arms. But, I just couldn’t stand to go another week without deadlifting. So, against my better judgement (I knew I would be spending about 12 hours on airplanes on Friday) I deadlifted fairly heavy. My schedule was extremely tight, so I ended up super-setting biceps and triceps in order to finish more quickly.

Thursday workout:]

Deadlifts 8 sets 135X10, 225X8, 275X6, 315X3, 365X2, 405X2, 425X2, 365X6

Super-set Tricep Pressdowns and Alternate DB Curls 6 super-sets 10-12 reps

On Friday morning my first flight left Austin at 7:20am. I arrived in Anchorage at 4:45pm (there’s a 3 hour time difference too). It was very cold….lows in the low teens and highs in the mid-20’s while I was there, but I had a wonderful time! Everyone was so nice, and promoter, Philip Bradfield, was an excellent host! The show was small, but a lot of fun for everyone involved! Pictured above are me and our other guest poser, Shawn Clapp, along with one of his buddies.

After having lunch on Sunday, and getting the sight-seeing tour from Philip, I boarded a plane at 6:30pm to head back home. I arrived in Austin at 9am Monday morning, picked up my truck from the house and went to work on only about 3 hours of intermittent sleep on the plane. I didn’t even bother trying to workout yesterday. I was so tired that I slept for about 45 minutes on my office floor after training my morning clients. Although I got about 10 hours of sleep last night it wasn’t nearly enough.

Today I’m not sure whether I’m suffering from jet lag or just sleep deprivation, but sure don’t feel very good. All I got through in my workout was the heavy half-squats and 2 sets of just above parallel squats before I had to go take another nap on my office floor. Even with what little I got done, I kept having to make deals with myself to go as far as I did. Hopefully tomorrow, with more sleep under my belt, I’ll be feeling better!

Half-Squats 10 sets 135X10, 225X10, 275X10, 315X6X6, 365X6, 405X6, 455X6, 500X3, 530X5 (530 is the heaviest I’ve gone so far, but it didn’t feel good)

Just above parallel squats 315X6, 365X6

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Natural Bodybuilding Radio Interview

/ Posted 10.22.2008

Hey check out my interview on www.naturalbodybuildingradio.com !!! John Hansen, who writes the Naturally Huge column in Ironman is the host.

Since I’m preparing to guest pose at the NPC Natural Crystal Cup in Anchorage, Alaska this weekend I’ve changed my lifting schedule a bit this weekend. Yesterday I trained both chest and back, super-setting the exercises.

I’m also preparing for a “bodyweight for maximum reps” contest, so I only went up to 180 lbs on the bench press doing very high reps. I got a fantastic pump in both my chest and my lats! I also increased my maximum number of reps with 180 lbs. on the bench press by 6 reps over last week.

Today my chest is extremely sore! For my workout today I limited myself to just training shoulders. I surprised myself and DB Pressed more weight than I’ve handled in several years. I didn’t expect to be that strong pressing after doing chest and lats yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll do arms and maybe a light leg workout.

Tuesday Chest and Lats:

Bench Press super-setted with High Pulley Rows 6 super-sets here are the numbers:

Bench press 135X12, 165X8, 190X6, 180X26, 180X18, 180X16

High Pulley Row 130X12, 150X8, 170X6, 150X15, 150X15, 150X15

Incline Press super-setted with Seated Cable Rows 4 super-sets here are the numbers:

Incline Press 135X8, 165X6, 185X6, 195X5

Seated Cable Row 140X8, 160X6, 180X6, 200X8

One set of pushups to failure 40 reps

Wednesday Shoulders:

Seated DB Press 9 sets 25X12, 35X12, 45X12, 55X10, 65X10, 75X10, 85X6, 90X6, 70X12

DB Laterals 20X12X12X12X10X8X8

Rear Delt Machine Flys 95X12, 110X12X12X12X12X10

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Squat Day

/ Posted 10.20.2008

Half squatparallel squatToday was a big squat day for me. Tricia will be out for at least a couple weeks and I worked out solo today. I had plenty of time to work up to some really heavy weights. I’ve posted a photo of about how deep I’m going on my half-squats. The next photo is a parallel squat and then a photo of how I felt at the end of the workout. My strength is really improving on the heavy squats! I was hoping to do 15 to 20 reps with 225 lbs in my full squats, but I was pretty fatigued by then!

Here’s the workout:

Half Squats 8 sets 135X10, 225X10, 315X6, 365X6, 405X6, 455X6, 500X6, 525X3

Just above parallel squats 315X6, 365X6, 405X6

Full Squats 225X8, 315X8, 365X3, 225X12X8X8

Leg Press 7 sets 180X20, 360X20, 540X20, 630X20, 720X10, 810X10, 540X30

Leg Extensions 5 sets 70X15, 110X12X10X10X9

Standing Calf Raises 5 sets 12-15 reps

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Thursday and Friday workouts

/ Posted 10.17.2008

If you really want to test your level of concentration, try working out like this! Just kidding! The photo is from a shoot I did with my friend Angel a while back. Believe it or not, it was all her idea! The photos were taken by Austin photographer, L. Andrew Sterling (sterlingimagesonline.com)

Thursday Tricia met me at Hyde Park Gym for our back workout. Last week I went very heavy on the deadlifts and this week I went very heavy on squats. So, I decided it would be a good idea to lay off the regular deadlifts this week and concentrate more on the lat workout. I still did a fairly heavy set of partial deadlifts at the end of the workout.

Today I got a disturbing text from Tricia telling me that she couldn’t workout because she was in an auto accident last night. She got hit by a drunk! She said she was not injured (thank God!), but her car is really messed up. So I went at it solo today. I did my normal shoulder workout and then supersetted bis and tris. I ended up with an awesome pump!

Back Workout:

Pullups warm up set of 5 then 11, 8, 6 with 10 second holds in the contracted position on the last rep of each set

Lat Pulldowns 4 sets 8-12 reps

Seated Cable Rows 5 sets 12, 12, 10, 8, 12

High Pulley Rows 4 sets 12, 10, 8, 8

One arm DB Rows 3 sets 8-10 reps

Partial Deadlifts 4 sets 135X12, 225X12, 315X12, 405X8

Shoulders and Arms:

Seated DB Press 9 sets Heaviest sets were 80X8X8, 85X8

DB Laterals 5 sets 12, 12, 10, 10, 10

Rear Delt Machine Flys 4 sets 12, 12, 12, 10

Seated Tricep Extension supersetted with Standing DB Curls 4 supersets 10-15 reps per set

Tricep Pressdowns supersetted with Hammer Curls 4 supersets 8-12 reps per set


Chest pump

/ Posted 10.14.2008

In the photo I’m posing with my friend, Caroline Krakower, after the Masters Nationals. Caroline won the women’s lightweight division.

Today I concentrated my efforts on high reps on the bench press. Hyde Park Gym is having a bench press contest on November 8th. The contest will be how many reps you can perform with your bodyweight. I’m not sure that I’ll be in town that weekend, but I want to be ready just in case. Cranking out 3 sets of maximum reps with 180 lbs in the bench press really fatigued my chest, shoulders and triceps differently than my usual workout. My strength was way down on the incline presses. After chest I did some bonus medial delt work, but didn’t do any curls because I have a strained spot in my left forearm.

Bench Press 5 sets 135X12, 165X12, 180X20X20X15

Incline press 5 sets 10 reps

Pec Fly Machine 3 sets 15, 12, 10

DB Lateral raises 4 sets 15, 15, 12, 12

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Intense Leg Work

/ Posted 10.13.2008

Today Tricia sent me a text letting me know that she wouldn’t be able to make our leg workout. I remembered that my buddy, Rocky, had expressed an interest in doing some heavy squat work with me if the opportunity ever came up. So, I contacted Rocky and he was eager to jump in! I haven’t felt very well all day, but I wasn’t going to miss a leg workout because of it. I got plenty of rest over the weekend, so I figured my strength should be good. I was able to increase my weights on both the half squats and just above parallel squats. We repped out the full squats, then moved to 20 rep leg presses. I was planning on doing a few more leg press sets, but on the set that proved to be my final set, I suffered an all-out cramp right in the middle of my abdominals on the 18th rep. I told Rocky that I felt like the guy on the movie Alien when the alien was coming out of his stomach! That shit hurts!!!! We finished off the leg workout by supersetting leg extensions and leg curls. I don’t know about Rocky, but I was very close to puking for about 30 after the workout.

Half squats 9 sets 135X10, 225X10, 275X6, 315X6, 365X6, 405X6, 435X6, 465X6, 500X4

Just above parallel squats 3 sets 315X5, 365X5, 405X3

Full squats 3 sets 225X15X12X11

Leg Press 5 sets 270X20, 360X20, 450X20, 540X20, 630X18

Leg Extensions superset with Leg curls 4 supersets 10-15 reps per set

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Heavy deadlift

/ Posted 10.10.2008

Yesterday I had time to do my heavy deadlifts in the morning at Hyde Park Gym. As I was doing my warmup sets everything was feeling good and I figured it would be a good day to go ahead and move the weight up. I already had the Hyde Park Gym Raw deadlift record in both the 181 and 198 lb. class. My 181 record is 450 lbs, which I pulled at our push/pull meet back in June (pictured above). My 198 lb. class record was only 435 lbs and I decided I would bring that up a bit, since I stepped on the scale weighing 182 (just over the 181 limit). All of my deadlifts felt really good and I stopped with a very strong pull at 455 lbs. This is the most I’ve deadlifted from the floor in at least 8 years. I did box jumps in between my deadlifts again. Since I’m not jumping to fatigue I don’t think it adversely affects my deadlifts at all. I would have liked to do some heavy rack deadlifts after the regular ones, but I ran out of time and had to get to my next client. I did the rest of my work later in the afternoon. I ran into my friend, Rocky, and he joined me for my last 2 back exercises, one arm DB rows and partial deadlifts. I was really tired by the time Rocky joined me and I don’t think I would have gone as heavy without his motivation.

Regular Deadlifts 10:15am

135X10, 225X8, 275X6, 315X3, 365X2, 405X1, 425X1, 445X1, 455X1

Box Jumps 18″X6, 20″X5, 22″X5, 24″X3, 26″X3, 28″X3, 30″X1

Regular Back Workout

Pullups 13, 8, 8 with 10 second hold in contracted position on the last rep of each set

Lat Pulldowns 3 sets 10 reps

Close Grip Pulldowns 3 sets 6, 8, 10 (I started too heavy)

Seated Cable Row 4 sets 12, 10, 8, 8

One Arm DB Row 4 sets 10, 10, 10, 8

Partial Deadlifts 135X12, 225X12, 315X10, 365X8, 405X6

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Chest workout

/ Posted 10.08.2008

I was hoping that backing off my leg training a bit on Monday would help my bench press performance on Tuesday, but that didn’t seem to happen.  On my third set of bench I had that bad popping in my right elbow on every rep.  It was kinda painful too, but it went away and didn’t bother me the rest of the workout.  My incline press continues to be very strong.  My biceps were sore, so I didn’t do any bonus bicep work, but I did throw in the bonus lateral raises after chest.

Bench Press 5 sets 12, 10, 6, 8, 8

Incline Press 5 sets 10, 10, 10 6, 6

Pec Fly Machine 3 sets 15, 12, 12

DB Lateral Raise 4 sets 15, 15, 15, 13

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One step back

/ Posted 10.07.2008

After several weeks of lifting super-heavy on squats, I took a step back yesterday and kept my weights lighter. I went with higher reps and significantly shorter rest periods, so the burn was intense. This morning my back and knees are nearly as sore as they have been after the heavy workouts. I’m hoping for a better bench press workout this afternoon. Depending on how the week goes, I might do some heavy squats on Thursday after deadlifting. I know it sounds kinda crazy….it’s just an idea.

Deep Squats 135X10, 225X10, 225X18, 225X16

Leg Extensions 4 sets 12-15 reps

Leg Press 5 sets 20 reps

Seated Leg Curls 4 sets 12-15 reps

Donkey Calf Raise 4 sets 12-15 reps

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My back is SORE!!!

/ Posted 10.03.2008

Just as I anticipated my back is very very sore today.  I woke up sore and it got progressively worse as the day wore on.  I had personal training clients up until 2pm today and by the time I was training my 1pm client I was starting to worry if I would be able to train shoulders at 2:30.  My traps are super-sore.  Actually my entire back is sore from my neck down to lower back.  I like it!!!

At about 2:15 I took several extra strength tylenol gels and headed over to meet Tricia for our workout.  The first few sets of overhead presses were really painful, but after I got warmed up it wasn’t bad.  We got a good workout, but I didn’t push my shoulder exercises to the limit.  I felt it was best to back off the intensity a little today.  I’ll crank it back up next week if everything feels good.

After biceps I did calf raises, which I didn’t do on Monday.  I also did some bonus quad work.


Overhead DB Press 7 sets 12-15 reps

DB Lateral Raise 4 sets 12 reps

Rear Delt Machine Fly  4 sets 12-15 reps


Tricep Pressdowns  4 sets 15, 12, 10, 10

Skull Crushers  4 sets 15, 12, 12, 12

DB Curls 4 sets 10 reps

Cable Curls 4 sets 10, 6 (went too heavy), 10, 8


Donkey Calf Raise  6 sets 300X12, 400X12, 450X12, 500X12X10X10

Single Leg Extensions 5 sets 10-12 reps

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