Feeling much better

/ Posted 03.17.2008

After my 2 weeks of sickliness, I’m finally feeling much better!  Brenda an I had a fantastic leg workout today!  Brenda, by the way, is looking really good and is definitely on track to be spectacular for the Shredder Classic!

 We really blasted the legs today.  I utilized the occlusion training for my weak leg when I got to the leg ext/leg curl supersets.  Then for calves I used the occlusion on my rt calf, which appears to be smaller right now.

Leg Press 8 sets 25 reps (720lbs for 25 reps on my heaviest set)

Squats 5 sets 10-14 reps

Leg Extension/ Seated Leg Curl Supersets 5 supersets 12-15 reps

Donkey Calf Raises 4 sets 12-15 reps

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/ Posted 03.14.2008

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted a blog! How time flies when the Texas Shredder Classic is getting closer and I keep getting busier and busier. I guess that’s why it’s 9pm on Friday night and I’m still at the office. Oh well!

Up until a couple weeks ago my training was going absolutely great! Then on Feb. 25th I woke up with an ear infection. I was feeling pretty run down for a few days but continued to train….but backed off the intensity. I was feeling good again by the end of the week and my strength and energy were back up. Then I took a trip to Philadelphia on March 2nd to visit and friend, then a train to NYC on March 3rd to meet with an agent. After my meeting I went out to Long Island to hang out with another bodybuilding buddy. Up early the next morning and started feeling sick to my stomach on the plane trip back. I went straight from the airport to the gym to work legs with Brenda, but felt horrible. She wasn’t feeling well either and we dragged ass through a scaled-down leg workout. By mid afternoon the next day my stomach hurt so bad that I went back to the doctor. Apparently the antibiotics I was taking badly irritated my stomach lining….either that or I passed a gall stone that evening. I was too sick to workout for a couple days. I did a very light workout that Friday for chest and back, but felt very weak and was getting out of breath just doing light weights. I rested Saturday and then came back feeling good and had a fantastic leg workout on Sunday with my buddy, Rocky (he’s getting ready for the Shredder Classic). On Monday Rocky came walking stiff-legged into the gym for our chest workout. I must admit I was pretty sore too. We had a great chest workout on Monday. I rested Tuesday, trained calves on Wednesday, then got too busy on Thursday to get a workout in. Today Brenda and I finally got back together for a pretty solid back workout. Tomorrow I’m going to work shoulders and arms with Rob Steele, a client of mine, who is visting Austin from Nova Scotia.

After reading Layne Norton’s article about occlusion training in the current issue of Ironman, I’ve employed the technique in a couple of my workouts. I know one thing for sure….I’m much much more sore from using the occlusion. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Later Y’all!

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