Friday workout

/ Posted 08.31.2007

Today ended a week that I had a really hard time hooking up with training partners.  After a busy morning of training clients I was ready to pump some iron myself!  I got an excellent arm workout, then threw in a little single leg work.  Not being able to squat is killing me!

Seated DB Curls  6 sets 10-12 reps

Concentration curls 4 sets 6-8 reps

Hammer curls 4 sets 10-12 reps

Seated Tricep Ext 5 sets 15-20 reps

Tricep Pressdowns 4 sets 12-15

Dips 3 sets 15-25 reps

Seated leg curls  3 sets 12-15 reps

Leg ext 3 sets 12-15 reps

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Workout with Brenda

/ Posted 08.30.2007

brenda-redu.JPGIt’s been about a week and a half since Brenda and I have been able to match up our schedules and get a workout, so it was really great to get to train with her today.  She had told me that she had had some really bad eating days last week and was a “fatty”.  Wrong!!!  She looks like she’s still in contest shape!  She’s planning to compete again this fall and wants to stay leaner in the interim.  She’s doing a great job!

She had a tight schedule today and I was running a little late….everyone wants to talk to me about how my leg is doing and I certainly don’t want to be rude, especially to those who care enough to ask!  So, I was late and we had to hit it fast and furious.  It was fun and a good workout.  By the way, Katie was MIA.

Overhead DB Presses 5sets 20-25 reps (Brenda was handing me DB’s but I didn’t think I could get anything heavier than 50lbs into position)

Lateral Raises 5 sets 12-15 reps

Rear Delt machine flyes 4 sets 12-15 reps

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Back workout and Fantastic Fern

/ Posted 08.29.2007


I just got word from my friend, Fern Assard, that her first training video is out. You can check it out at

Fern joined a gym for the first time in 2006 and started competing this spring. Her improvement has been phenomenal!

Today I got the green light from my doctor to put some bodyweight on my leg. They call it “weight bearing as tolerated”. To me that meant ditch the crutches and walk with a cane. I’m able to fully extend my leg now, so that puts me 2 weeks ahead of schedule! Damn it feels good to get rid of those crutches! Having a free hand is so awesome!

Needless to say I was in a great mood when I hit the gym for my back workout. I still really miss doing the heavy partial deadlifts, so once again I went for more volume.

Lat Pulldowns 4 sets 10-12 reps

Flex Leverage rows 4 sets 8-10 reps

Free Motion High Row 5 sets 10-12 reps

Free Motion Lat Pulls 4 sets 8-10 reps

Lever Row Machine 4 sets 10-12 reps

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David Nall

/ Posted 08.28.2007

image0081.jpgimage007.jpgimage0061.jpgimage0011.jpgHere’s the pics I promised of David Nall. He looked so good last week…striations everywhere. I’m sure that these are pics he took of himself using the timer on his camera. The lighting sucks and you can still see a great deal of detail. Believe me, in decent light there was ALOT of detail.

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Lots of stuff

/ Posted 08.28.2007

Well, I’ve been a slacker that last few days and haven’t posted anything, so now I have to play catch-up.  We’ll go all the way back to last Friday, Aug 24th.  I had a really tight schedule.  I went to Gold’s North to get a shoulder workout.  But I ran into Jerry Hermanto and talked to him about the show cancellation and how much weight he’d gained from just a few hours of bad eating (5 lbs.)  He was on the exercise bike trying to work some of it off.  I also ran into Russell Jones.  Russell is preparing for the INBF Alamo Showdown held in San Antonio on Sept. 29th.  Russell is a UT student and has competed in my show, The Texas Shredder Classic, the last 2 years.  He has a tremendous physique and as soon as he gets his diet dialed in just right he will be extremely hard to beat.  Due to the time I spent catching up with the guys, I didn’t have time to finish my workout.  But here’s what I did:

Shoulder press Machine  10 sets 10-12 reps

Seated DB lateral raise  5 sets 10-12 reps

On Sunday my client, Dana Kemp, wanted to workout.  Since I didn’t finish shoulders on Friday and didn’t have time to do arms on Saturday (big family events), I met Dana for a shoulder and arm workout. I went really light on the overhead presses because I had gone hard on shoulder presses just Friday.

Overhead DB press 4 sets 20-25 reps

Seated DB lateral raise  4 sets 12 reps

Rear Delt machine flyes  4 sets 12-15 reps

Seated DB tricep extension 4 sets 15-20 reps

Tricep pressdowns 4 sets 10-12 reps

Seated DB curls  4sets 10-12 reps

Lifefitness curl machine 4 sets 8-10 reps

On Monday I needed to get a leg workout done.  My cute friend, Christena, was at the gym when it was time so she joined me for a quick leg workout.  I couldn’t do hamstrings at Hyde Park Gym because I can’t get my injured leg out of the way on any of the machines here.  She said “what about the standing leg cur?”  When I explained that it would entail standing with all my weight on my injured leg, she started laughing and making jokes about me not “having a leg to stand on”. Ha Ha!  Very funny!!!

Leg Press  6 sets 20 reps

Leg Extension 4 sets 12-15 reps

Single leg calf raise  4 sets 15-20 reps

Today, I had a really weird day.  I ended up without any clients to train until 5:30pm, so I got to sleep late.  It was awesome!  I did a chest workout at Gold’s Gym South.  I’m really sick of my crutches, so I ditched them today and went into Golds on a cane.  I ran into Charles “Skeletor” Fuller.  After watching me workout for a while Charles came over and told me that I reminded him of Yoda (sp?) from the newer Star Wars movies.  I kinda looked at him funny (I know what Yoda looked like in the early movies) and he says, “Yea, Yoda was always going around real slow on a cane.  Then he’d drop it and kick ass, then pick it up again and be going real slow.”  He said that’s what I looked like in the gym.  Moving really slow from place to place then getting under the bar and kicking ass.  That made me feel good….I guess.  Yoda was ugly though!

I also ran into Stephanie McDonald.  Stephanie is an outstanding NPC figure competitor.  She recently placed 2nd at the USA Championships.  This weekend she’s headed to Cleveland for the North American and another shot a the IFBB Pro card.  I wish Stephanie all the luck in the world!

I got an excellent chest workout today, even without a training partner.

Bench Press 5 sets 6-12 reps

Incline Press 4 sets 8-10 reps

Pec Fly machine 4 sets 12 reps

Free Motion Pec Fly 3 sets 12-15 reps

David Nall sent me some pics from last week, but they’re saved on my home computer.  If I don’t go braindead by the time I get home, I’ll post them tonight.

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I almost forgot

/ Posted 08.23.2007

It appears that I forgot to write about my leg workout (yes, leg singular) yesterday. I was really tired after my busy morning and stopped off at Gold’s Gym South to train my leg before going home to take a much needed nap. I ran into Charles “Skeletor” Fuller on the way into the gym. I was talking to him about how much he weighed for the Capital of Texas Roundup. He said he weighed 167 lbs at the weigh-in (at 5’10”), and felt like Skeletor. Well, Charles as super-shredded at the show and as I recall (from watching HeMan cartoons years ago) Skeleton was pretty big and imposing. I know that Charles had a case of “the skinny’s” but he looked big on stage and won unanimously.
Anyway, I got a good leg workout and hurried home for my nap!
Leg Press 5 sets 20 reps (getting stronger on the one-leg leg press)
Seated Leg Curls 5 sets 10-15 reps
Leg Extensions 5 sets 10-15 reps

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Unbelieveable Attitude!!!

/ Posted 08.23.2007

dsc02997.jpgBefore I talk about myself and my workout, I feel compelled to write about my buddy, Jerry Hermanto, and his experience today. As I reported earlier, my good friends David Nall and Jerry Hermanto have been preparing for a drug-tested show that was to be held in San Antonio this coming Saturday.

Both guys have gotten themselves into the best shape of their lives and were very excited about their prospects this weekend at the INBF Lone Star Championships. Well, shortly after I put Jerry through his posing session this morning, I received an e-mail from David informing me that the show had been cancelled…..TWO DAYS OUT!!! Now, bear in mind that David has competed in a couple of shows already this summer and has plans to compete in one or two more next month. But, Jerry has been dieting (under Dr. Joe Klemczewski’s guidance) for 14 weeks and this was the only show he was to compete in this year! I immediately began searching for another contest in Texas that Jerry could go to, either this weekend or next. I wanted to be able to give him some good news when I called him, but I found nothing.

ab1.jpgWhen I finally called Jerry a couple hours later I was amazed at how good he sounded and how positive his outlook was! Anyone who has ever attempted to prepare for a bodybuilding show knows how difficult it is and how it seems to consume your life as it gets closer. To have the show cancelled in the final week when you are in the best shape of your life is absolutely horrible. But, Jerry said he was really angry when he first learned of the cancellation, and then he started thinking about his attitude. He said his girlfriend, Amanda, was going be leaving this weekend to go back to school and that he figured that this would be a good opportunity to enjoy the few days that he has left with her this summer. He said he realized that he could be pissed off and have a really shitty time the next few days, or have a good attitude and enjoy his time with Amanda. I was flabbergasted! I think I would have been livid!! Jerry had such a positive outlook! He said that he was happy to have gotten into such great shape and to know that he could achieve that level of conditioning. He was happy that he had been able to spend the whole summer with Amanda and that she was so supportive of what he was doing. He was happy that he had great support from his family, and from people like me, David and Dr. Joe. And, he said that although he wasn’t going to get to compete that he had enjoyed the whole journey of getting into the best shape of his life.

I was so amazed and so impressed with Jerry! I told him that I would be so upset if that had happened to me. Then he reminded me that I didn’t flip out when (in 2001) I was in the absolute best shape of my life preparing for the Pro Natural World Championships and it got cancelled. He’s absolutely right….we do have a choice of what our attitude is going to be.

I suppose Jerry and I are alot alike. In ’97 when I found out that I had a ruptured bicep tendon and it would take 10-12 months to get back to full size I said, ” that gives me just enough time to get ready for the ’98 World Championships!” Surprisingly (to me anyway) I won that show.

When I realized 5 weeks ago that I had ruptured my hamstring tendon I said, “I did it before, I can do it again!” and have made it a challenge to win at the Team Universe next year. I shouldn’t have been surprised at Jerry’s attitude…..he’s a really great guy. And David Nall too….he just said, “Well, I’m doing the Alamo Showdown on Sept 29th, and I’m going to try to find something else too”. They’re both wonderful guys with great attitudes!

I ended up having to workout solo again today. It was back day and since deadlifting is still out, I went the volume route again. My back is already getting stiff as I sit here typing. I found a really cool back extension machine that I was able to finish up the workout with and I’m expecting that I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow.

Lat Pulldowns 6 sets 12-15 reps
Lever Row machine 4 sets 8-10 reps
Free Motion High Row 6 sets 10-12 reps
Free Motion Lat Pulls 4 sets 8-10 reps
Back extension machine 4 sets 10-15 reps.

PS If I can get any new pics from David (from this week) I’ll post them. He’s got striations everywhere!!!

Another PS  Maybe Jerry had such a positive outlook because he’d just finished eating muffins and brownies before I spoke to him……just kidding…..but seriously…

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Physical Therapy

/ Posted 08.21.2007


A week ago I had my first check-up with my doctor since my hamstring reattachment surgery.  He prescribed physical therapy and told me that he wants me to do some very gentle stretching to get the leg straightened back out.  We scheduled another check-up for Sept. 11, and he said that at that time if I can straighten it all the way, then he will let me walk in the brace without the crutches.  I guarantee you that I will be able to straighten my leg by this time next week!!!  Because of my busy schedule and my trip to California last week, I was unable to get in to physical therapy.  I had my first session this afternoon.  My therapist, Liz,  was pretty impressed with my progress so far.  I’m only 8 degrees away from straight.  She did a thorough anazlysis and gave me some do’s and dont’s.  I’ll go back for a follow-up next Tuesday with Liz.

dsc02985.jpgI’m pretty amazed at the change in my injured leg since I started stretching it last Tuesday.  It was so pathetic looking!!!  For the first 3 and a half weeks it was confined to the cast/brace and I wasn’t allowed to even flex it.  Just from flexing my quad and gently stretching the hamstring it has improved dramatically.  I wish I had taken a photo of it last Tuesday, but I didn’t think about it (and my digital camera got broken in the luggage coming back from the Team Universe).

My buddy, Jerry Hermanto, is preparing for a show this weekend.  He was coming over to work on posing so I got him to bring his camera and take the pics that I’ve included here. 

Jerry has been working with Dr. Joe on his contest diet and is in the best shape of his life.  He’s coming back for more posing on Thursday and I’ll get some pics of him at that session to post here.  David Nall is competing in the same show and is looking incredible!

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Back in the swing of things

/ Posted 08.20.2007

I arrived back in Austin very late Sunday night from my trip to California.  Although it was nice to get away for a few days, it’s always great to get back to my own bed and get back in my routine.  Today is was definitely full-blast back into the routine as I had 10 clients to train (started at 6am and finished at 8:30pm today).  Fortunately, Brenda and Katie were flexible and were able to meet me at the gym when I had a break in my afternoon schedule.  We blasted chest and then it was back to work for me.  My leg is feeling considerably better and I’m able to push harder at the end of my workouts with (as much) fear.

Bench Press 5 sets 12-15 reps

Incline Press 4 sets 10-12 reps

Pec Fly Machine 4 sets 12-15 reps

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Bodybuilding/Figure seminar

/ Posted 08.19.2007

I’ve been out of town with very little computer access for a couple of days.  I flew out to California to collaborate with Dr. Joe Klemczewski on a contest preparation seminar in Santa Rosa on Saturday.  We were well attended and it was a lot of fun.  Dr. Joe and I have worked together on about half a dozen seminars over the last 7 years and I always learn something from listening to him speak about nutrition.  When it comes to drug-free bodybuilding/fitness nutrition, Dr Joe is definitely the best there is.  Joe not only talks about nutrition, he lives what he preaches.  Joe is a drug-free WNBF Pro who is still competing and is always in great shape.  You can check him out on  Dr. Joe and I will be working together again on Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Camp in Evansville, IN, January 4-6, 2008.  In this camp we actually train with the attendees so that they can see what it’s like to train with the pros.  There will be WNBF Pro champion bodybuilders and figure competitors involved.  I will post more details as they become available.

My hosts for the weekend were my very good friends, Bob Bell and Tina Smith.  Bob and Tina are WNBF Pro bodybuilders and they also do a fantastic job promoting drug-free bodybuilding with their show, the INBF Capital City Classic.  I haven’t seen Bob and Tina for about 2 and half years.  In the interim they’ve had twins.  Little Bobby and Tyra will be 2 years old next month.  All I can say is that it’s been a long time since my daughters were 2 yrs old, and I was so lucky that they weren’t going through the “terrible two’s” at the same time :)

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