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Heavy Training for Strength

Q: I just got your new e-book, Pre-Ex 3X. Fantastic stuff. I’m using the Ultimate Mass-Building Split you outline in … continue reading

What to Take to Get in Shape

Looking to get bigger, leaner and/or downright inside-out shredded? Then you may want to check out the 2012 ProSource Sports … continue reading

Review: The Smarter Science of Slim

The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor is probably the best sensible-eating book I’ve ever read. Note that I … continue reading

Smart Bark

Pycnogenol, an antioxidant extract from the bark of French maritime pine trees, can increase cognitive power. According to the March … continue reading

Bigger Leaner Results with 4X and X-centric Sets

Q: I started using your 4X Mass Workout a few months ago, and I added negative-accentuated [or X-centric] sets for … continue reading

Is it necessary to get more carbs when I use 4X?

Q: Because 4X mass training expands the sarcoplasm [energy fluid] in muscle fibers, is it necessary to get more carbs … continue reading

Better Zs, Less Disease

We know that erratic sleep can prevent optimal muscle growth. Part of the reason may be that you get less … continue reading

Q&A: Would Adding More Workouts Help Me Get Bigger?

Q: I’m thinking about taking my workouts from five a week to six. I’ve read that Ronnie [Coleman] and Jay … continue reading

Testosterone Booster With Estrogen Control

More testosterone? Yes, please. Bodybuilders know that more T equals a rise in strength and size, so optimizing your levels … continue reading

The New Brawn Series: Book 1

Stuart McRobert’s new book is really a tribute to the founder of this magazine, Peary Rader—even though it’s really a … continue reading

Latest Studies on Saturated Fat

Most bodybuilders eat a lot of meat and eggs for optimal testosterone production and muscle building, but they’re often warned … continue reading

Two Top Belly-Blasting Supplements

Daytime TV is pretty much a crapfest for the most part during the week. Granted, that’s a male perspective, but … continue reading

Sadness: The Road to Recovery

No question that depression is rampant in America. Antidepressants are the number-one prescription drug in this country for adults under … continue reading

HFCS and Kidney Distress

You’ve heard the bad news about high-fructose corn syrup causing massive weight gain. More negative research: Researchers at Loyola University … continue reading

Insulin Intel

Mental maladies, such as dementia, are becoming more and more prevalent in older people. One reason could be too many … continue reading

How to Increase Intensity for Direct/Indirect 4X Mass Workouts

Q: I’m making spectacular gains with 4X, much better than I ever did with heavy training. It may just be … continue reading

Is This Bittersweet Citrus Orb a Superfruit?

Years ago there was something called the Grapefruit Diet, a.k.a. the Hollywood Diet. It was touted as a miracle, able … continue reading

The Cure for Narrow Shoulders and Flat Delts

Q: Broad shoulders get girls’ attention, but mine are narrow. Plus, my delts are flat. Should I do more presses … continue reading

Things Aren’t So Bad

In a world filled with instantaneous information, it’s easy to become pessimistic. You see a lot of bad stuff happening … continue reading

Perky Jerky

Is that preworkout protein drink getting hard to chug down? Or maybe you’re looking for a high-protein midafternoon snack with … continue reading

Best Rep Speed for Muscle Growth

Q: I’m confused about the best rep speed for muscle growth. I’ve read that slow-mo training, like eight seconds up … continue reading

Review: Mad Scientist Muscle

You may recognize Nick Nilsson’s name from his various e-books and articles on the Internet (he has a new blog … continue reading

Moderate Weights for Safer Squats

Q: What’s with your attitude about squats? It’s the best mass-building exercise, but you pan it. Are you turning into … continue reading

Saturated Fat: Could It Be Good for Us?

It has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by raising good cholesterol and reducing substances that are linked to heart attack risk.

How to Make Incline Curls More Effective

Q: I’m a big believer in your Positions-of-Flexion workouts. I have gotten more growth with that [three-exercise approach] than with … continue reading

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