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The Surprising Benefit of Washing Up

….Most people know that one of the best way to keep from getting colds and other viruses is to wash … continue reading

Wheat: Is Gluten Making You Gorge?

There has been a lot of negative press about wheat lately, specifically the gluten it contains. Statistics suggest that up … continue reading

Pain Free With SAMe

While glucosamine and chondroitin have been touted as a great combo for relieving joint pain and strengthening soft tissue, SAMe … continue reading

Joint Pain and 4X

Q: I’m in my late 40s and having trouble letting go of training heavy. I’ve tried the 4X mass method … continue reading

Sugar Shocker

You know that processed sugar is bad for your body—but did you also know that it’s bad for your brain. … continue reading

Why We Get Fat

The obesity epidemiic is not a matter of eating too much. Gary Taubes, author of Why We Get Fat and … continue reading

The Sugar-Cancer Connection

Lately researchers have made a lot of connections between sugar and cancer. Insulin surges and sugar consumption have been linked … continue reading

Are Saturated Fats Really Bad for Your Heart?

We’ve been told for decades that saturated fat—the kind found in eggs, meats, including pork and beef, and numerous dairy … continue reading

Front-to-Back Quad Attack

If you’re older, you may have trouble doing free-bar squats. Many over-40 trainees get pain in the knees, hips and/or … continue reading

In Pursuit of the Perfect Workout [Insider Preview]

My good friend John Rowley was here in Southern California from the East Coast, and when I met with him, … continue reading

Diet-Soda Slam

Feeling good because you’ve switched to diet soda? Not so fast. According to the April ’12 Prevention, it can make … continue reading

The Pre-Ex 3X Size Assault: Big Arms Now

Q: I am loving Pre-Ex 3X. Tried it on chest and back, and the muscle pumped like crazy. I want … continue reading

Pre-Ex 3X: Is there an advantage to doing lower reps on both exercises?

Q: Pre-Ex 3X works! Condensing the workload with prefatigue supersets is an incredible mass stimulator. I’m seeing it happen after … continue reading

“I Don’t Eat That”

A day doesn’t go by that we’re not tantalized by some so-called treat, hell-bent on derailing our healthy-eating plan. Could defusing the … continue reading

Building Troubled Arms with the Perfect Mass-Building Split

Q: I’ve always had trouble building arms, but I notice that on back day they pump up bigger than ever. … continue reading

One Heavy Hit for More Mass

Q: In the Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout you use heavier five-rep rest/pause on stretch exercises. It’s a 3X sequence of … continue reading

New Diet Discoveries to Keep the Fat Off

With obesity at epidemic levels, there is more ongoing research on diet than ever before. Even if you’re not obese, … continue reading

Heavy Training for Strength

Q: I just got your new e-book, Pre-Ex 3X. Fantastic stuff. I’m using the Ultimate Mass-Building Split you outline in … continue reading

What to Take to Get in Shape

Looking to get bigger, leaner and/or downright inside-out shredded? Then you may want to check out the 2012 ProSource Sports … continue reading

Review: The Smarter Science of Slim

The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor is probably the best sensible-eating book I’ve ever read. Note that I … continue reading

Smart Bark

Pycnogenol, an antioxidant extract from the bark of French maritime pine trees, can increase cognitive power. According to the March … continue reading

Bigger Leaner Results with 4X and X-centric Sets

Q: I started using your 4X Mass Workout a few months ago, and I added negative-accentuated [or X-centric] sets for … continue reading

Is it necessary to get more carbs when I use 4X?

Q: Because 4X mass training expands the sarcoplasm [energy fluid] in muscle fibers, is it necessary to get more carbs … continue reading

Better Zs, Less Disease

We know that erratic sleep can prevent optimal muscle growth. Part of the reason may be that you get less … continue reading

Q&A: Would Adding More Workouts Help Me Get Bigger?

Q: I’m thinking about taking my workouts from five a week to six. I’ve read that Ronnie [Coleman] and Jay … continue reading

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