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Balance Boards and Swiss Balls

/ Posted 01.21.2015

All fields are subject to fads and promotion. Weight training and fitness are no exceptions. The use of balance boards … continue reading

Is kettlebell training just a fad?

/ Posted 12.05.2014

Weight training is subject to fads as much as any other field. All you have to do to know that … continue reading

Protect Your Knees

/ Posted 05.15.2014

You may be able to protect the ligaments in your knees to some degree by weight training, particularly the anterior … continue reading

Straight-Arm Pulldowns

/ Posted 02.18.2014

The most dedicated trainees are always looking for exercises to target muscles from different angles and to reach parts of … continue reading

Knee Pain and Squats

/ Posted 12.12.2013

“Squats are bad for you.” We have all heard that declaration, but is it true? There are so many variables … continue reading

Can We Train Too Much?

/ Posted 10.21.2013

When trainees are in their peak years of training, they can’t wait to have their next workout. It doesn’t occur … continue reading

Solutions to Low-Back Pain

/ Posted 09.30.2013

Many of us know all too well that low-back pain can be caused by training. The culprit exercises include barbell … continue reading

T-Bar Rows: Variations and Innovations

/ Posted 08.19.2013

All trainees who lift in heavy gyms have performed a variety of rows—barbell rows, dumbbell rows, seated cable rows, T-bar … continue reading

The Bottom Line on Glute Training

/ Posted 07.11.2013

The concept of “core training” has become so diluted that it’s difficult to define it today. Many personal trainers, trainees, … continue reading

Lateral Raises: Facts vs. Fiction

/ Posted 06.21.2013

The lateral—a.k.a. lateral raise or side raise—remains one of the most common shoulder exercises. Everyone from beginners to Mr. Olympia … continue reading

Concentration Curls

/ Posted 05.17.2013

The biceps is probably the most popular muscle to develop, and that’s been the case for nearly 100 years. That … continue reading

The Renegade Row

/ Posted 04.04.2013

Fads affect most fields, and exercise is certainly no exception. Late-night television is filled with ads for new training gimmicks … continue reading

Ab Exercises: the Good, the Bad and the Dangerous

/ Posted 01.03.2013

Just because you can perform an exercise doesn’t mean you should. There are many abdominal exercises, and most trainees perform … continue reading

Cross Over to a Better Chest

/ Posted 12.13.2012

Cable crossovers are usually seen only in large, well-equipped gyms or heavy-iron gyms. The cable crossover unit requires a large … continue reading

Should You Attack Your Lower Back?

/ Posted 10.29.2012

I often hear patients and trainees proudly describe how they have designed a training program that avoids any training of … continue reading

A Different Look at Dumbbell Rows

/ Posted 10.16.2012

I have addressed dumbbell rows in previous columns over the years. This time I would like to examine a variety … continue reading

Extension Contentions

/ Posted 09.17.2012

The leg extension machine is one of the most recognizable pieces of equipment in any gym. Even trainees who are … continue reading

Should We Keep Changing Our Training?

/ Posted 08.28.2012

Year’s ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger advised his followers to change their weight-training programs every six weeks. The idea was to shock … continue reading

Incline Pressing and Shoulder Stressing

/ Posted 07.09.2012

This month I address another popular chest exercise, the incline press. As you know, the incline press is typically performed … continue reading

Low-Back Aches From Training

/ Posted 06.15.2012

By “low-back aches” I’m not referring to an acute injury with severe back pain or low-back pain coupled with pain … continue reading

Solutions for Elbow-Pain

/ Posted 05.19.2012

I’ve addressed training-related inner- and outer-elbow pain several times in past columns. Inner-elbow pain often occurs at a bony prominence … continue reading

More on Shoulder Training and Straining

/ Posted 04.25.2012

A SLAP tear can cause clicking and popping with or without pain, a deep ache in the shoulder and pain when you’re performing bench presses, flyes, incline presses or cable crossovers.

Seated Leg Curls

/ Posted 03.03.2012

Many trainees decide their hamstring development is lacking. They increase their sets of traditional leg curls—usually with marginal results. Seated … continue reading

More Pressing Issues: Bench Press Stress

/ Posted 02.23.2012

The most popular exercise in any gym in North America is the bench press. It has variations: the close- and … continue reading

Hypers: Safe Gains, No Strains

/ Posted 02.02.2012

The “hyper”—short for hyperextension—is still a common exercise in commercial gyms, heavy gyms, high school and college weight rooms, as … continue reading

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