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Curls for Complete Forearm Development

/ Posted 11.26.2014

Q: Are hammer curls and barbell wrist curls enough for complete forearm development, or do I need to include reverse … continue reading

Staying Motivated for Competition

/ Posted 11.21.2014

Q: I’ve just started to learn about natural bodybuilding, and after being a tad disappointed when coming across a lot … continue reading

Building Delts With Muscle Splits

/ Posted 08.17.2014

Q: How can I set up a muscle split that has me training four days a week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and … continue reading

Low Reps for Leg Mass?

/ Posted 07.15.2014

Q: I’ve been reading a lot about natural bodybuilding and really enjoying your articles and the info that you share. … continue reading

Train for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

/ Posted 07.09.2014

Q: I was surfing at and I came across one of your articles in which a guy asked you … continue reading

Diet: Young vs. Older

/ Posted 06.07.2014

Things obviously change as we get older because our bodies change. Specifically, our hormone levels naturally decline. One very important … continue reading

What Is the Best Number of Sets?

/ Posted 06.02.2014

Q: What is the optimum number of sets for each bodypart? I’ve been doing 16 sets for chest and back … continue reading

How to prevent injuries before workouts

/ Posted 05.06.2014

Q: As a natural bodybuilder you are such an inspiration to me. I was wondering what you do to prevent … continue reading

How to Get Your Shoulders to Progress

/ Posted 05.03.2014

Q: I’ve been using the workout you suggested, and it’s working really well. I’m doing chest and arms on Monday, … continue reading

Do you need to lift heavy weights to get big?

/ Posted 04.08.2014

Q: One of the top bodybuilders from my gym told me you don’t need to lift heavy weights to get … continue reading

The Full-Body Mass Blast

/ Posted 01.21.2014

Q: I’ve read some of the advice you give people, and you seem like a good guy with very respectable … continue reading

30 Pounds of Muscle Workout

/ Posted 12.05.2013

Q: I’ve been using the program from your book and am at 220 pounds [fairly] lean. I want to change … continue reading

Moderate-Weight Forced Negatives

/ Posted 12.04.2013

I’m often asked about HRT—no, not hormone-replacement therapy; I’m talking about Hell Raiser Training. I attended a seminar in 2010 … continue reading

Beginner-to-Intermediate Mass Workout

/ Posted 11.19.2013

Q: I’m 35 years old and started training a little less than a year ago. Before that I never really … continue reading

Benefits of Pausing at the Bottom of Squats

/ Posted 10.14.2013

Q: I read that you pause for two seconds at the bottom of your squats. What are the benefits of … continue reading

3 Key Questions on Building Muscle Mass

/ Posted 10.10.2013

Q: All my respect to you, John. You have an awesome physique. I have three questions: 1) Did you take … continue reading

Bodypart Training 2X Per Week: Don’t Overtrain

/ Posted 08.27.2013

Q: I’ve been doing your workout: Monday: chest, delts, tri’s, calves; Tuesday: legs, back, bi’s, abs; Wednesday: off; Thursday: chest, … continue reading

Getting the Most From the Arnold Press

/ Posted 08.17.2013

Q: When I do Arnold presses, should I use less weight than I do on dumbbell presses? I use 70 … continue reading

Losing Loads of BodyFat

/ Posted 08.10.2013

Q: I would like to lose bodyfat and, if possible, build a little muscle at the same time. I’m 39 … continue reading

Serious Size: Rep Range

/ Posted 07.22.2013

Q: During a bulking stage, what rep range should I use for squats in order to put some serious size … continue reading

How to Grow Muscle and Keep Your Fat Level Down

/ Posted 07.18.2013

Q: Congratulations on once again winning the Natural Mr. Universe. In the past I have tried bulking up and cutting … continue reading

Q: Should teenagers bulk up in their early years?

/ Posted 06.30.2013

Q: I remember your saying that if teenagers take advantage of their earlier years and bulk up and don’t care … continue reading

The Real Secret to Motivation

/ Posted 06.28.2013

Q: These days I find myself to be completely unmotivated in the gym. How can I keep myself motivated and … continue reading

Bulking Up in Your 20’s

/ Posted 05.01.2013

Q: I’m 17 years old—almost 18. I recently started my bulk, which will last for eight months. I weigh around … continue reading

How important are the numbers of sets and reps?

/ Posted 04.29.2013

Q: I’ve been working out for one year, three or four days a week. I gained three kilograms of muscle … continue reading

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