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Give Yourself a Break

/ Posted 02.27.2012

I’ve been training with weights for 52 years. I enjoy it just as much now, at 64 years of age, … continue reading


Get Big

/ Posted 01.01.2005

The Short-and-Sweet Winter Mass-Building Workout That Helped the Author Pack On 100 Pounds in Nine Months


Racking Up Size

/ Posted 10.01.2004

Would you like to greatly increase your overall muscle size and strength? And would you like to achieve those goals in a way that?s extremely enjoyable? If you said yes to both questions, read on.

Guns & Ammo

/ Posted 09.29.2004

How One Man Packed On 100 Pounds in Nine Months–and Built 21-Inch Arms–No Steroids! (No Kidding!)

Guns & Ammo

/ Posted 09.01.2004

How One Man Packed On 100 Pounds in Nine Months?and Built 21-Inch Arms?No Steroids! (No Kidding!)

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