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Alexandra Aurora LaChance

/ Posted 03.01.2012

Alexandra Aurora LaChance is a former all-American gymnast and scholarship athlete for the University of Arkansas. As a national elite … continue reading

Clothes for Fit Bodies

/ Posted 02.10.2012

Universal Nutrition, a leading sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, has just launched the Signature Series, a high-quality clothing line … continue reading

Kathryn Gosztyla

/ Posted 01.17.2012

I grew up as a California girl in Mission Viejo. I’m a sports and fitness model and personality for Sports … continue reading


STS Whey Kwik Protein

/ Posted 12.09.2011

STS’s new Whey Kwik protein has 100 percent natural flavor and contains no sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. It’s a … continue reading

Elspeth Polt

/ Posted 11.24.2011

I am a 24-year-old Marine Corps spouse, which has seen me living from coast to coast. Currently, I’m situated in … continue reading

Products You Can Use to Get Ripped and Huge

/ Posted 11.02.2011

Ready-to-Eat High-Protein Pudding MHP presents a new ready-to-eat Power Pak Pudding. Now you can get the convenient, high-quality protein you … continue reading

The Life-Saving Value of Bodybuilding

/ Posted 11.01.2011

If I told you that I spent more than 45 years pumping iron because of its health benefits, I’d be … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 10.26.2011

Strawberries can add a just-right sweetness to a vanilla protein shake, and they’re packed with protective antioxidants. Also, ounce for … continue reading

Kris Murrell

/ Posted 10.21.2011

Height: 5’7”  Weight: 180 Age: 30 Bodypart split: Monday: triceps, hamstrings, calves; Tuesday: back, biceps, quads; Wednesday: chest, shoulders, calves; … continue reading

Shandi Hudson

/ Posted 09.19.2011

I am a mother first and foremost. After that I am a mind, body and wellness practitioner, which means I’m … continue reading


Blast Those Calves to Greater Size

/ Posted 09.15.2011

Here’s a new system for working the calves that’s guaranteed to bring results. It was developed by Jim McLellan of … continue reading


Ultimate Power Grips

/ Posted 09.01.2011

Forearm, wrist and hand strength are crucial to performance in almost any sport. Get into the game with Pro Performance … continue reading

Carrie Ann Simmons

/ Posted 08.28.2011

Height: 5’4”  Weight: 125 Age: 37 Bodypart split: Monday: chest, triceps; Tuesday: back, biceps; Wednesday: cardio; Thursday: legs; Friday: cardio; … continue reading


IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #577: Fast Shredded Mass With Moderate-Weight Workouts?

/ Posted 08.09.2011

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #577: Fast Shredded Mass With Moderate-Weight Workouts? ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR NEXT WORKOUT ========================================== … continue reading

Talia Therese Bikini Overall Winner USA 2011

/ Posted 08.09.2011

Detour Lean Muscle Bar

/ Posted 08.07.2011

Nutrition bar company Forward Foods, LLC, maker of the award-winning Detour bar, has now added the delicious Detour Lean Muscle … continue reading

Sheilahe Brown Womens Physique Overall Winner USA 2011

/ Posted 08.06.2011

Robyn Mentgen Womens Overall Winner USA 2011

/ Posted 08.04.2011

Brandi Akers

/ Posted 03.12.2011

Weight: 130 Height: 5’1” Training: Monday: back; Tuesday: shoulders; Wednesday: quads; Thursday: chest; Friday: arms; Saturday: hamstrings, calves Titles: ’09 … continue reading


SuperPump Max

/ Posted 03.01.2011

What kind of athlete are you? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when deciding on a preworkout product. … continue reading

Todd Smith Photos

/ Posted 01.27.2011

Code Red

/ Posted 12.31.2010

MuscleMeds Performance Technologies has spared no expense in making Code Red the most powerful workout amplifier ever developed. Each serving … continue reading


/ Posted 09.29.2010

Get ready to experience explosive ballistic power at last as SAN proudly introduces Launch, a preworkout supplement. It’s specially formulated … continue reading

Swami Hits Olympia Jackpot–Again Pt 2

/ Posted 09.28.2010

Swami Hits Olympia Jackpot–Again Pt 2

Swami Hits Olympia Jackpot–Again Pt 1

/ Posted 09.28.2010

Swami Hits Olympia Jackpot–Again Pt 1

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