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Juiced Up for Faster Recovery

/ Posted 04.01.2013

There has been a multitude of recent research concerning the health-restorative benefits of a number of power foods and fruits—including … continue reading

Fenugreek: The Insulin-GH-Tesosterone Link

/ Posted 02.28.2013

It appears that fenugreek has the ability to increase the effectiveness of insulin, growth hormone and testosterone—three of your most … continue reading

7-Keto: Your Fat-Burning Workhorse

/ Posted 01.22.2013

7-keto speeds up metabolism and heat production to promote weight reduction, as well as enhancing lean body mass and muscle … continue reading

Rev Your Lean Machine Postworkout

/ Posted 11.22.2012

L-carnitine is best known for its role in transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, where fat-burning takes place. Recently, researchers … continue reading

The Zinc Link to Better Performance

/ Posted 10.28.2012

Zinc is an essential mineral found in every cell in the body and is involved in more than 200 enzymatic … continue reading

Anabolic Vitamins

/ Posted 09.14.2012

Vitamins A and C are among the most underutilized anabolic fire starters. Not only do they assist in igniting a … continue reading

NAC and other Major Muscle-Enhancers

/ Posted 08.30.2012

• N-acetyl cysteine is an amino acid that acts as a decongestant, boosts immune response and serves as a powerful … continue reading

CLA and Pyruvate: Shredding-supplement superstars?

/ Posted 06.06.2012

• Conjugated linoleic acid has gained notoriety as an unsaturated fatty acid that encourages fat loss by decreasing the amount … continue reading

Should Iron Men Take Extra Iron?

/ Posted 05.27.2012

It’s no secret that iron helps keep the blood oxygenated, which equates to improved energy and recovery. Iron also has … continue reading

The Truth: You Need Those Supplements

/ Posted 01.18.2012

In a recent commentary appearing in Sports Nutrition Insider, Jose Antonio, Ph.D., president of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, … continue reading


Carnitine, Heat Shock Proteins and Muscle Mass

/ Posted 12.22.2011

Heat shock proteins, also referred to as stress proteins, are found in all cells. Under normal conditions HSPs patrol the … continue reading


D-Ribose: Your Muscle-Energy Switch

/ Posted 11.22.2011

“Cells cannot function or survive without energy, and energy cannot be produced without ribose to make ATP and other nucleotides.” … continue reading

Eat Fat, Burn Fat, and Build More Muscle

/ Posted 09.26.2011

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that the omega-3 fish oils—EPA and DHA—offer a number of health … continue reading


Coconut a Fat Burner?

/ Posted 07.06.2011

Despite the proclamations that coconut oil is a saturated fat that’s bad for you, coconut oil is a bona fide … continue reading


Bark Extract With Big-Muscle Bite

/ Posted 06.02.2011

Nitric oxide, also referred to as NO, is the body’s main vasodilator. Vasodilation is the physiological process in which the … continue reading


L-Carnitine: Energy’s Rocket Fuel

/ Posted 04.25.2011

As a hardworking bodybuilder, you’re fully aware of what it takes to generate the energy you need to meet your … continue reading


7-Keto DHEA: Thermogenic and Anabolic?

/ Posted 03.22.2011

Recently a ton of scientific information has been presented concerning the antiaging attributes of the hormone dehydoepiandrosterone. Secreted by the … continue reading


Supernova Super Supplement

/ Posted 02.20.2011

Supernova occurs about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way, playing a significant role … continue reading


Creatine the Great

/ Posted 01.28.2011

Creatine has been the magician in many bodybuilders’ supplement arsenals, conjuring strength and muscle like no other nutrient. You probably … continue reading


Fiber Up to Lean Down

/ Posted 12.18.2010

“More energy (calories) is spent digesting and absorbing high-fiber foods. In fact, if you increase your fiber intake to 35 … continue reading


Pick Your Protein Wisely

/ Posted 10.10.2010

A large body of emerging data also suggest that taking casein throughout the day is of great benefit as well, as it slowly releases valuable amino acids over a longer time period. That’s critical to helping the body maintain what researchers refer to as the amino acid pool.


Fat-to-Muscle Reshuffle

/ Posted 07.30.2010

Conjugated linoleic acid is known as the fat that makes you thin. Studied extensively at the University of Wisconsin’s Food … continue reading


C: The Master Recovery Agent

/ Posted 07.03.2010

Vitamin C is important to human health and plays a key role in regulating wound healing, immune function, liver detoxification … continue reading


Pyruvate: Muscle-and-Leanness Compound

/ Posted 05.28.2010

Simply put, pyruvate is formed during the metabolism, or digestion, of sugars and starches. It’s a key compound that jump-starts the metabolic pathway known as the Krebs cycle, in which chemical and enzyme actions produce ATP and/or its direct precursors to power your workouts. In practical terms, pyruvate can be compared to the key that starts your car.


Snooze to Lose With CLA

/ Posted 05.25.2010

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, has gained force as an unsaturated fatty acid that encourages fat loss by decreasing the … continue reading

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