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Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Sky-High Bi’s

/ Posted 07.29.2014

This special feature honors Arnold’s 67th birthday on July 30—and what better way to party than to train biceps with … continue reading

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Terrific Traps

/ Posted 03.19.2013

In my early bodybuilding years I rarely worked my traps. I assumed that these muscles received enough work from bent-over … continue reading

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Building Total Upper-Arm Massiveness

/ Posted 02.18.2013

By Arnold Schwarzenegger as told to Gene Mozee This article originally appeared in the Feb 1994 issue of IRON MAN … continue reading

Armand Tanny

/ Posted 04.07.2009

Foreward by Lonnie Teper The rumor that Armand Tanny had passed away a few weeks ago proved to be false. … continue reading

Brad Harris: Very Alive at 75

/ Posted 12.10.2008

“Riding a life” is the best way to describe Brad Harris’ rise from a wide-eyed youth of 14 who was inspired by the immortal Steve Reeves to start weight training and traveled to Muscle Beach on a bus from his home in Burbank, California.

Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding for Beginners

/ Posted 01.15.2008

Gironda believed that a beginner doesn’t need a day of rest between workouts. Instead, Vince advised beginners to exercise daily’resting only on Sunday.


Book Review: Lifelong Fitness 2004

/ Posted 04.01.2005

A new book by lifetime bodybuilder Bob Delmonteque?who?s 84 years young

Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding for Beginners

/ Posted 12.01.2004

Vince Gironda personally trained more bodybuilding champions than any other physique trainer in the world.


California Powerlifting Hall of Fame

/ Posted 08.01.2004

California is considered the birthplace of the sport of powerlifting.

Armand Tanny

/ Posted 11.01.2001

A Bodybuilding Legend

The Master Trainer: Developing Dynamic Delts

/ Posted 04.01.2001

Gene Mozee on Vince Gironda Style.

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