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Continuous Hypertrophy?

/ Posted 01.15.2015

Since my column was cleverly named Grow Without Plateau (by my good friend  IM editor in chief Steve Holman), I … continue reading

Building Monster-sized Forearms

/ Posted 12.21.2014

Q: One of my goals is to build monster-sized forearms because I almost always wear polo shirts that stop at … continue reading

Burning Fat and Keeping Muscle

/ Posted 12.10.2014

Q: Right now my main goal is to burn bodyfat while keeping as much of the muscle I built over … continue reading

Slow Negatives for Power?

/ Posted 12.07.2014

Q: I recently purchased your P/RR/S e-book and DVD and was curious as to why you recommend four-second negative reps … continue reading

Screaming Intensity

/ Posted 10.01.2014

Q: What’s your opinion on people who scream loudly during the last few reps of a set? I ask because … continue reading

Hamstring Helpers

/ Posted 08.31.2014

Q: I’m having some problems getting my hamstrings to respond. My quads are growing steadily, so now my legs are … continue reading

The Key Mistake That Slows Gains

/ Posted 08.01.2014

Q: What do you think is the most important aspect of a workout to keep in mind? What do most … continue reading

Switching Things Up With PRRS and FD/FS

/ Posted 07.03.2014

Q: I’m an avid user of P/RR/S and FD/FS and have been cycling back and forth on those two programs … continue reading

Macronutrient Timing

/ Posted 05.27.2014

Q: I’ve read that you are a proponent of “timing” the macronutrients to help bring about a certain physiological effect … continue reading

Muscle-Building Myths, Part 3

/ Posted 05.25.2014

In my past two columns I have been talking about some common myths that are passed along in bodybuilding. Let’s … continue reading

Muscle-Building Myths, Part 2

/ Posted 05.19.2014

In my last column I began discussing some common myths that are written about in articles, talked about online and … continue reading

Antagonist Supersets

/ Posted 02.12.2014

Q: I use your P/RR/S training system on a three-day split, and it’s working great. Currently, I enjoy doing chest … continue reading

Shocking Supersets

/ Posted 12.25.2013

Q: I’m a big fan and follow your articles closely. I’m also a huge advocate of P/RR/S and FD/FS training, … continue reading

Muscle Shaping: Is It Possible?

/ Posted 12.03.2013

Q: What’s your take on “muscle shaping”? Can a person alter the shape of a muscle at all, or are … continue reading

Throw and Grow Like a Pro?

/ Posted 10.11.2013

Q: I have seen this question asked of many coaches before, but I would like to hear your take. What … continue reading

It’s Time to Get Broser Built

/ Posted 09.14.2013

Coach, trainer, pro bodybuilder and IRON MAN columnist Eric Broser recently relocated to Beverly Hills, California, to make himself more … continue reading

Power-Packed Pecs

/ Posted 09.11.2013

Q: I think your chest is just sick (in a good way). While I definitely admire the pecs on people … continue reading

How to Create Your Own Mass Workout

/ Posted 08.07.2013

Q: When putting together your scheme of exercises for a muscle group on a given day, what are some of … continue reading

How to Cope With Low Energy

/ Posted 07.18.2013

Q: Do you ever go to the gym intending to have a killer workout, but for some reason your body … continue reading

Q: Can you make it to the highest levels of bodybuilding without a training partner?

/ Posted 07.02.2013

Q: Do you believe that someone can make it to the highest levels of bodybuilding while training without a partner? … continue reading

Training for Muscle and Leanness

/ Posted 06.11.2013

Q: I’ve noticed that your abs are not just ripped—they look like bricks. Did you always have thick abdominal muscles? … continue reading

How do I eat for Muscle and Leanness?

/ Posted 05.19.2013

Q: I seen many photos of you, and you’re always in shape. I’ve also read many of your Internet posts … continue reading

Is it always necessary to wear a weight belt?

/ Posted 03.29.2013

Q: I have a simple question, but one that I debate with my friends quite often. Is it always necessary … continue reading

Do you pause between reps to rest or get stronger for the set?

/ Posted 03.17.2013

Q: I have been reading your articles for years and recently saw you training at Gold’s Gym in Venice, which … continue reading

Fusing P/RR/S and FD/FS

/ Posted 01.29.2013

In last month’s column I answered a question about whether I would ever recommend combining Power/Rep Range/Shock and/or FD/FS in … continue reading

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