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From Twig to Big: Interview with Vince Del Monte

/ Posted 11.22.2013

Have you ever wanted to be like “that guy”? You know, that guy the girls talk about––poke each other and point to in the gym, in class or in the club because he’s swole? That guy the other guys walk past the trainers to approach and ask, “What can I do to look like you?”

Mike O’Hearn: Superhero Shoulders

/ Posted 10.11.2013

Drug-Free Star Mike O’Hearn Knows How to Build Cannonball Delts Faster Than a Speeding Bullet In the dark of the … continue reading

Brian Casad – Fired Up for Greatness

/ Posted 04.03.2013

Brian Casad Turns Fat-Boy Comments Into Fuel for Victory Some people fall victim to life challenges, while others take a … continue reading

Ben Booker: Razor Sharp [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.11.2013

Ben Booker Etches His Physique With Motivation and Determination Several years ago I was watching a compilation of failed attempts … continue reading

Greg Plitt – Keep the Drive Alive [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.04.2013

You’ve seen it on the Internet and in the gym, and maybe you’ve even tried some of the workouts—caveman training, … continue reading

Todd Smith

/ Posted 01.20.2011

Not many people go after their dreams with the relentless pursuit of Todd Smith. Most study the books and magazines … continue reading

Jaquelyn Kay Roberts

/ Posted 07.29.2010

Any competitor knows the feeling of nervous anticipation in the gut that strikes just before a big competition. It stimulates … continue reading

Ben Booker

/ Posted 07.12.2010

Sometimes you need to face adversity in order to become successful. In fact, adversity can be the very spark that … continue reading

Lost Exercises

/ Posted 07.02.2010

Once you’ve been bodybuilding for a few years, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of doing the same … continue reading

Mark Perry: Living the Dream

/ Posted 05.27.2010

Life can certainly throw you some curves. Everything seems fine. You’re training, making progress, getting stronger and feeling healthy. Life … continue reading

2009 Fittest Couple Champions

/ Posted 03.01.2010

Obstacles. They’re what life throws at people who set a worthwhile goal. They can slow you down. They can discourage … continue reading

21 Inch Arms Naturally With Mike “Titan” O’Hearn

/ Posted 02.10.2010

The many myths of bodybuilding lurk in gyms like bugs at a picnic, scurrying out from under the rocks at … continue reading

Allison Ethier – 2009 IRON MAN & BodySpace Model Search Winner

/ Posted 01.08.2010

Sean Harley and Allison Ethier, Winners of the 2009 IRON MAN & BodySpace Model Search For more info on … continue reading

Sean Harley – 2009 IRON MAN & BodySpace Model Search Winner

/ Posted 01.06.2010

Sean Harley and Alison Ethier, Winners of the 2009 IRON MAN & BodySpace Model Search For more info on … continue reading

Old-School Bodybuilding, Shredder Style

/ Posted 01.04.2010

Time. It’s one commodity that you can’t buy. You can’t sell it. You can’t bargain for it. You can waste … continue reading

Whitney Reid

/ Posted 10.28.2009

Whitney Reid went from playing football in high school and college to powerlifting. After attending the NPC Nationals to watch … continue reading

Tony Breznik: From Iced to Sliced

/ Posted 09.09.2009

As the current IFBB Mr. Austria, Tony Breznik may just have what it takes to make big waves in the … continue reading

Lean Dean Tornabene

/ Posted 04.17.2009

You hear the echo of clanging weight plates as you cross the street from the parking lot—ringing out like Tibetan … continue reading

Terry Baldwin: Strapping Up To Glory

/ Posted 03.28.2009

53-Year-Old Bodybuilder and Powerlifter Terry Baldwin Innovates to Isolate—and Gets Better With Age!


Transformation Sensation Anthony Presciano

/ Posted 07.24.2008

Anthony Presciano is one of those unknown guys you see in all the bodybuilding and fitness publications. I say unknown because although he’s in many ads, he hasn’t been profiled in the magazines and hasn’t been on the competition circuit recently.

Sensational at 70-Plus (Part 2)

/ Posted 08.30.2007

An Interview With Jim Morris, Mr. America and Bodybuilding Legend

Sensational at 70-Plus (Part 1)

/ Posted 08.30.2007

Sensational at 70-Plus


Sensational at 70-Plus (Part 3)

/ Posted 08.30.2007

An Interview With Jim Morris, Mr. America and Bodybuilding Legend

Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: 20 Pounds of Muscle In Two Months

/ Posted 10.01.2006

How Mike Semanoff Packed On More Mass With Proper Diet and Basic Training With X Reps

Pair of Aces

/ Posted 10.01.2005

Utah Team Takes Pasadena by Storm to Win the ’05 FitExpo’s Fittest Couple Competition

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