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Todd Smith

Not many people go after their dreams with the relentless pursuit of Todd Smith. Most study the books and magazines and leave it at that. Todd decided he needed to learn from the masters, so he traveled the United States ...

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Jaquelyn Kay Roberts

Any competitor knows the feeling of nervous anticipation in the gut that strikes just before a big competition. It stimulates the survival instinct that sets off peak performance. Elite athletes have the innate ability to call upon that mind-set during ...

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Ben Booker

Sometimes you need to face adversity in order to become successful. In fact, adversity can be the very spark that fuels your drive into a new direction—a GPS system that guides you to success. That was the case with Ben ...

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Lost Exercises

Once you’ve been bodybuilding for a few years, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of doing the same exercises and routines over and over without considering worthwhile alternatives. Sometimes a new set of exercises can stimulate growth and ...

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Mark Perry: Living the Dream

Life can certainly throw you some curves. Everything seems fine. You’re training, making progress, getting stronger and feeling healthy. Life is good. Then—Bam! A medical exam, and the news burns like a hot branding iron. Test results say that you ...

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