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No Knuckle Dragging Allowed

If you are a serious-minded ironhead (classy oxymoron), you know the value of a clear mission statement. Composing a simple, yet thoughtful, personal avowal not only intelligently reviews, sorts out and defines your training goals, but it also roots them ...

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My Tribute to Larry Scott

Larry Scott died early Saturday morning. He was 75 years old, a very good man. The man was smart, witty and clever, cool, calm and collected -- a massively muscled bodybuilder of unconventional style, the breakaway crosscut of Gironda's lean ...

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It’s a Funny Thing

The Watsonville, California, Gold’s Gym, my current training digs, is a comfortably bleak concrete chamber with enough irresistible tonnage to satisfy Samson and Delilah. On the inside wall, high above the floor in large bold print, the declaration is sprawled: ...

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