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Be Strong and Courageous

/ Posted 01.16.2015

And now, without beating around the bush, hedge or prairie grass, allow me to come straight to the point without … continue reading

B-72 Without a Plan or Propellers

/ Posted 11.28.2014

I just returned from my first workout after a long layoff. I didn’t choose the layoff; it chose me. Those … continue reading

Counting Sets and Reps and Other Blessings

/ Posted 07.20.2014

You know you’re in the somber winter stretch when it’s dark at 5:15 and you’re digging around your wardrobe for … continue reading

No Knuckle Dragging Allowed

/ Posted 06.18.2014

If you are a serious-minded ironhead (classy oxymoron), you know the value of a clear mission statement. Composing a simple, … continue reading

Let’s Not Train and Say We Did

/ Posted 03.29.2014

Since our last conversation life has happened with regularity and normalcy. Shadows lengthened over familiar landscapes, fragrant flora awash in … continue reading

My Tribute to Larry Scott

/ Posted 03.12.2014

Larry Scott died early Saturday morning. He was 75 years old, a very good man. The man was smart, witty … continue reading

Too Distracted to Have a Purpose

/ Posted 01.18.2014

Going through life without a particular purpose is okay. You get by. You don’t go anywhere, but the days pass. … continue reading

Airborne: Lift Now, Lift Hard, Lift Good

/ Posted 11.18.2013

I’ve never been a student—that is, one who studies. School from grade one was a ladder I had to climb … continue reading

I Hear You Knocking at My Front Door

/ Posted 08.29.2013

Right about this time every year for the past 13 years I have glowingly declared that the days are getting … continue reading

Walking the Canary

/ Posted 08.28.2013

I rise and shine in the morning after eight to 10 hours of restless, interrupted sleep and vigorous tossing and … continue reading

It’s a Funny Thing

/ Posted 07.13.2013

The Watsonville, California, Gold’s Gym, my current training digs, is a comfortably bleak concrete chamber with enough irresistible tonnage to … continue reading

Getting Straight to the Point

/ Posted 07.07.2013

My latest killer workout, the one-day-at-a-time routine, has multiple benefits and, curiously, blends well with my all-time favorite, the whatever-you-can-do-today-that-doesn’t-kill-ya … continue reading

Allow Me to Confuse You

/ Posted 05.20.2013

Let me guess. You’ve got to train today, and you don’t want to—that’s “don’t,” spelled “do not” with the emphasis … continue reading

There’s No Turning Back—This is Serious

/ Posted 04.10.2013

Weight training is a double-edged sword. Swish! Swoosh! I intentionally skipped a workout last week due to severe FBMS (fatigue … continue reading

Shut Up and Work Out

/ Posted 02.27.2013

According to Rasmussen polls of likely voters, incumbent President.… Word out of the White House today regarding the Supreme Court’s … continue reading

Just Get There

/ Posted 02.18.2013

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the gym’s serene call echoes in my ear. “Clank, Thud. Get your butt here now, or … continue reading

Animal Rights for Muscleheads

/ Posted 02.15.2013

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m planning my workout for later in the day. I like Sundays; the roads are traffic-free, … continue reading

Guns, Girls and Lies

/ Posted 02.06.2013

I dunno about Facebook, good buddies. I’ve lived in a small cabin in the woods for so long, entering the … continue reading

Lolita and the Goldfish

/ Posted 02.02.2013

So, there I am, sitting on a bench before an Olympic bar, ready to knock out a few sets of … continue reading

White Noise, Echoing Silence of Iron

/ Posted 01.25.2013

Naps are nice, especially for mutts who inscribe B-70 in the columns labeled “age” on forms in waiting rooms at … continue reading

Just Get There

/ Posted 11.26.2012

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the gym’s serene call echoes in my ear. “Clank, Thud. Get your butt here now, or … continue reading

Rise Up, Lift Weights, Be Strong

/ Posted 05.21.2012

I ’m at that point in my training where I don’t know if I’m building myself up or wearing myself … continue reading

The Seven-Year Itch

/ Posted 04.24.2012

There are a lot of influences that determine the outcome of our training sessions. What is it that lifts us … continue reading

Around the Corner, Over the Hill

/ Posted 03.28.2012

I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning and gasped, urgently beseeching the distressed image before me, “Are you all … continue reading

He’s Punishing Himself Again

/ Posted 02.21.2012

This’ll be short and pointless, bombers. We have rising debt, rising temperatures, rising unemployment, rising prices and rising tensions. The … continue reading

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