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Sonny Brown’s 6-Pack Abs Destruction Workout

/ Posted 09.08.2014

As a society we are obsessed with what goes on in the midsections of others—from beer bellies to washboards, kegs … continue reading

Carve A Commanding Chest

/ Posted 07.18.2014

by Cory Crow  •  Photography by Michael Neveux  As the short, cold and dreary winter days roll on, it’s very … continue reading

Josh Bergeron’s Tempo-Control Arm-Swole Workout

/ Posted 01.17.2013

In Aesop’s fable "The Tortoise and the Hare" we’re reminded that the ability to go fast does not necessarily lead … continue reading

Alex Azarian’s Shift ‘n’ Shock Chest Training

/ Posted 03.15.2011

It was a statement that flew in the face of conventional bodybuilding wisdom: "You want to flip it around. Do … continue reading

All-Over-the-Map Leg Zap – Antoine Vaillant

/ Posted 12.06.2010

Ah, the golden age of bodybuilding. A flashback to the halcyon days of Arnold and Big Louie running around Gold’s … continue reading

Prime-Time Biceps Building

/ Posted 10.07.2010

Biceps training is a popular topic, so much so that you’re not likely to go a month without coming across … continue reading

Abbas Khatami

/ Posted 09.02.2010

Abbas Khatami, one of the top NPC superheavyweights competing today, knows that there’s more than one way to blow up … continue reading

Sleeve Stretching Bling

/ Posted 08.09.2010

Strip away all the supersecret, hardgainer’s-shirt-bursting biceps workouts of the pros, all the miracle supplements and the Bolivian fruit fly … continue reading

Step-by-Step Big Back Prep

/ Posted 04.09.2010

Just as some bodyparts are more difficult to train than others, some articles are a tougher write than others. Take … continue reading

Abbas Khatami’s Lower-Body Mass-acre

/ Posted 03.05.2010

For most lifters training legs is a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, having a good, solid base benefits the … continue reading

Lee Apperson Chest Training

/ Posted 11.13.2009

What would you say if I suggested that the most cutting-edge training theories in bodybuilding may belong to a 51-year-old … continue reading

Big-Time Chest Chiseling

/ Posted 09.23.2009

What draws me to bodybuilding is the variety. Granted, there’s always the quest to get bigger, and the physics behind … continue reading

Shoulder Assault

/ Posted 08.21.2009

Alex Azarian sounded beat. The night before we were scheduled to talk about his shoulder training, he and his wife, … continue reading

Triceps Torcher with Mark Perry

/ Posted 07.10.2009

In Part 1 of my talk with Mark Perry about arm training, we focused on the biceps, the glamour muscle … continue reading


/ Posted 06.05.2009

A fitness model/fitness trainer/college professor training arms is a totally different animal from a top competitive bodybuilder blasting out curl … continue reading


Building Biceps with Mark Perry

/ Posted 04.13.2009

Let’s be honest—we all want big arms. Probably 70 percent of the people you see in the gym every day … continue reading

Big-Back Awakening

/ Posted 04.08.2009

I know that the author of The Seasoned Woman and Hillary’s Choice didn’t have bodybuilding in mind when she penned … continue reading

Full-Blown Biceps

/ Posted 04.01.2008

Dan Decker’s Techniques for Sky-High Peaks


Frontal Assault

/ Posted 11.01.2006

Jose Raymond’s Quad-Training Regimen

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