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Sugar Is Sickening

/ Posted 06.18.2013

You already know that sugar can make you fat, but do you realize that it may also make you sick—or … continue reading

Go Green for Happiness

/ Posted 03.29.2013

Feeling a little blue at work? Go green—as in adding foliage. According to the June ’12 Health, a study in … continue reading

Brain Booster

/ Posted 01.19.2013

Got a test coming up? Or maybe you just need a better memory. Try GPC—glycerophosphocholine. Heck, just saying it even makes … continue reading

Hunger: Pre-Meal De-Appetizer

/ Posted 01.16.2013

You’re sitting down to eat, and you’re ravenous. You can already tell that you’re going to overshoot your calorie limit; … continue reading

Quick Hangover Helper

/ Posted 12.29.2012

According to an item by Marianne J. Legato, M.D., in the August ’12 Prevention, the best thing you can do … continue reading

Placebo Power

/ Posted 12.23.2012

According to the March/April ’11 Well Being Journal, a group of 80 patients with irritable bowel syndrome took a placebo … continue reading

High Fives and Hand Jives

/ Posted 12.14.2012

Is there too much high-fiving and butt slapping in pro sports? Maybe not. According to the May ’12 Reader’s Digest, all … continue reading

Hold Cold to Pump Up

/ Posted 11.05.2012

Cooling your palms appears to promote more energized workouts with more fat loss. According to the June ’12 Bottom Line … continue reading

Why do I have the Stinkiest Sweat?

/ Posted 11.03.2012

According to the June ’12 Prevention, sweat that’s caused by stress is stinkier than the sweat you release when you’re … continue reading

Disruption Destruction

/ Posted 10.09.2012

Did you know that when something throws off your schedule, you can lose muscle? According to the May ’12 Reader’s … continue reading

Joints and Achy Runoff

/ Posted 09.28.2012

When knees are aching, many people stay off their feet for relief—but that may be the opposite of what you … continue reading

Play 20 Questions

/ Posted 08.19.2012

If you want to make a good impression, just ask; that is, ask questions. According to the April ’12 Reader’s … continue reading

L-Carnitine: Fat-Burning Gasoline

/ Posted 06.25.2012

The March ’12 IRON MAN featured an article titled, “The Ultimate Fat-Burning Supplement.” It was all about L-carnitine. According to … continue reading

Sweaty Arousal

/ Posted 06.17.2012

Want to get your gal turned on? Maybe you should take her to the gym with you. According to the … continue reading

Flirting At Work

/ Posted 06.14.2012

Flirting at work is a bad thing, right? Not according to an article in the November ’11 Prevention, which said … continue reading

Exercise for Brain Size

/ Posted 06.05.2012

The best brain-building exercise is aerobics, and it must be vigorous. Casual walking is not enough: “You need to exercise hard enough that your heart is pumping at 70 percent of its maximum rate.”

Faster Workouts, Bigger Gains

/ Posted 04.05.2012

In the September ’11 Reader’s Digest the feature “Life” had a number of sections on how to do things better … continue reading

Sweet Size-Building Slumber

/ Posted 04.01.2012

You’ve read it over and over: Getting enough restful sleep is imperative to gaining muscle. Your body regenerates when you … continue reading

Less Flab, Etched Abs

/ Posted 02.22.2012

In “How to Lose 12 Pounds in Just 17 Days” [June ’11 Bottom Line Health], Mike Moreno, M.D., had some … continue reading

Magnesium: More Energy and Muscle Synergy

/ Posted 02.20.2012

Do you take a multimineral supplement? Maybe you should, at least every few days, considering how important minerals are to … continue reading

Deficient-C and Plaque

/ Posted 01.22.2012

Most of us have heard of Linus Pauling. He received two Nobel Prizes—one for chemistry in 1954 and the Peace … continue reading


Is Lifting for Kids?

/ Posted 10.27.2011

For decades training experts and doctors have warned against youngsters lifting weights, claiming that epiphyseal plates at the end of … continue reading


Alpha Male Advanced Workouts

/ Posted 09.28.2011

Do you want to be bigger, stronger and leaner? Would you like to increase your speed, power, stamina and agility? … continue reading

Body by Design

/ Posted 07.08.2011

If you’re online a lot looking for training information and motivation, you probably know the name Kris Gethin. He’s editor … continue reading

Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

/ Posted 05.23.2011

“I follow a plant-based diet and encourage others to do the same for optimal health and vitality, to live compassionately, and to leave less of a footprint on our Earth when I leave.”

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