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This month’s topic is an exercise technique that’s not for the faint of heart. It is also one that shouldn’t be used too often, as it will cause the muscles and attachment involved to become overtrained. It is, however, a ...

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The Olympic Press

Strength athletes are always on the lookout for any exercise that will make them stronger and also improve their other athletic skills—timing, coordination, quickness and balance. Power cleans, power snatches, jerks and full cleans and snatches serve that purpose nicely, ...

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Timed Squats

When we were competing in Olympic lifting as members of the York Barbell team, Tommy Suggs and I devised a program to enhance our cardiorespiratory fitness by using weights. We were already playing racquetball, volleyball and soccer with the York ...

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Hammer Your Hamstrings

I’ve often talked about the importance of maintaining a balance of strength among the various muscle groups. That means paying attention to how all the muscles in your body are responding to the exercises in your program. This article deals ...

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Mastering the Full Squat

All strength training starts with the full squat. Not the quarter- or half-squat. Many instructors shun full squats, stating that they make the glutes too big or, more typically, they’re bad for the knees. Total nonsense. While full squats most ...

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