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Stronger Wrists and Forearms

/ Posted 12.17.2014

Having strong wrists and forearms is extremely valuable in many sports. Wrestling heads the list, of course, but also baseball, … continue reading

The Conventional Deadlift

/ Posted 11.19.2014

In the beginning—in the world before Universal Gyms, Nautilus and personal trainers—everyone who wanted to get stronger did deadlifts. Oddly … continue reading


/ Posted 09.16.2014

This month’s topic is an exercise technique that’s not for the faint of heart. It is also one that shouldn’t … continue reading

The Hepburn Routine

/ Posted 08.16.2014

In 1969, Wes Woo, the coach of the Canadian team that competed in the ’68 Olympics in Mexico City, invited … continue reading

The Olympic Press

/ Posted 07.11.2014

Strength athletes are always on the lookout for any exercise that will make them stronger and also improve their other … continue reading

Timed Squats

/ Posted 06.25.2014

When we were competing in Olympic lifting as members of the York Barbell team, Tommy Suggs and I devised a … continue reading

Hammer Your Hamstrings

/ Posted 05.26.2014

I’ve often talked about the importance of maintaining a balance of strength among the various muscle groups. That means paying … continue reading

How to Perfect Your Bench Press

/ Posted 04.17.2014

More athletes get injured while doing the bench press than any other exercise. The two most popular exercises in weight … continue reading

Mastering the Full Squat

/ Posted 03.03.2014

All strength training starts with the full squat. Not the quarter- or half-squat. Many instructors shun full squats, stating that … continue reading

Singles for New Strength Increases

/ Posted 01.03.2014

There are a great many strength coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors in this country who do not include singles … continue reading

Maintaining Balanced Strength: The Adductors

/ Posted 12.23.2013

The very first exercise I teach all my strength athletes is the full squat. That one movement strengthens all the … continue reading

A Unique Look at Building Calves

/ Posted 11.04.2013

Any athletes who are interested in getting stronger to become more proficient in their chosen sport or sports understand the … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars

/ Posted 09.12.2013

Last month it was all about the almost-straight-legged deadlift, my all-time-favorite lumbar exercise after good mornings. I covered the reasons … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars

/ Posted 08.22.2013

Last month I stated the many reasons that it’s so important for every strength athlete to have a strong set … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars with Good Mornings

/ Posted 07.30.2013

The lower back is the universal joint of the power plant. If you don’t have strong lumbars, the power generated … continue reading

The Case for Power Shrugs

/ Posted 06.13.2013

There are shrugs, and there are power shrugs. Most athletes who do shrugs do them with relatively light weights and … continue reading

The Lunge

/ Posted 05.11.2013

While I firmly believe that the back squat is the very best exercise for developing strength in the lower body … continue reading

The Front Squat

/ Posted 03.22.2013

If you really want to find out how strong someone’s hips, legs and glutes are, have him or her do … continue reading

The Power Clean: The Athlete’s Exercise

/ Posted 02.19.2013

The very first exercise that I teach anyone starting out on a strength program is the power clean. Once athletes … continue reading

Get a Stronger Middle Back

/ Posted 01.12.2013

Whenever I’m helping an athlete set up a program to improve strength in his back, I tell him to think … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 5

/ Posted 12.15.2012

In the last installment, I discussed the different set-and-rep formulas I like for high-skill moves like the Olympic lifts as … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 4

/ Posted 12.08.2012

As I mentioned in Part 3 of this series, I use a different set-and-rep formula on high-skill exercises, such as … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 3

/ Posted 11.02.2012

The question usually comes up: Is there a place in a strength program for higher reps? The answer is, absolutely. … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 2

/ Posted 09.22.2012

I am a big fan of the five-sets-of-five system. For example, your bench press progression might go something like 135, 175, … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong

/ Posted 09.09.2012

Of all the many aspects of strength training, the one that seems to baffle more athletes and coaches is determining … continue reading

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