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It's true: Snacking is often a part of a healthy diet. But, just because you're lifting enormous amounts of bar-bending iron on a regular basis while making massive gains, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be more mindful of your choice of snacks. Why? Forget about your body fat percentage. Believe it or not, your choice can have a much more significant impact on your cardiovascular health than you might have thought. At least, that's what United Kingdom researchers at Aston University found after a one-month study. They discovered that men who consumed almonds had lower blood pressure readings, increased antioxidant levels, and improved blood flow.

The scientists concluded that consuming almonds could be an effective way of reducing the various risk factors associated with heart disease and added that it is never too late to start getting into this healthy eating habit and begin reaping the ample rewards. How much should you eat? Study participants were given just 50 grams of almonds each day.

Do yourself a big favor and ditch the high calorie burgers we all know you occasionally love to indulge in and instead get into the habit of more regularly snacking on almonds. If consuming regular almonds bore your taste pallet, then don't be afraid to try these protein, vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich snacks roasted. Your heart will thank you later.

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