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Second workout on Friday and chest training today with Jon Benson

I wrote Friday about my lunchtime chest/lat workout. After that workout I spent 90 minutes training a client, then I took the opportunity to work legs with my good friend/client, Dennis Ceder. Dennis has been into serious weight training for over 30 years, is a bodybuilding competitor and a student of the sport. Dennis was kinda down in the dumps when he arrived, as he had lost his wallet earlier in the afternoon. But, by the time we finished the workout he was exhausted and happy!
We didn't time the rest periods, but I'm estimating that we were resting about 90 seconds to 2 minutes between sets.

Leg Press 90X20, 180X20, 270X20, 360X20, 450X20, 500X25X35
500 is the heaviest I've done on the Leg Press machine at Hyde Park Gym in months. I had a few twinges in the spot where I tore my adductor last year, so it's kinda scary to really push myself on this machine. But, I did my best to block the fear out of my mind and went all the way to failure on my last set.
Safety Bar Squats 135X10, 185X10, 225X8X12X12
Leg Ext 70X15, 80X12X12X10 my quads were screaming by this time!
Leg Curls 40X12X10X8, 40X5...then dropped to 30 for 5 more reps

At this point my legs were totally fried and we were drenched with sweat. I only had 10 minutes to pound down a Pro Fusion Protein drink, then pull myself together to do a Facetime consultation for one of my out of town clients.

Today my buddy (and fitness nutrition author) Jon Benson was in town again, so we got together at Hyde Park Gym for another intense chest and tricep workout.
Bench Press 95X15, 135X12, 165X10, 185X8, 205X6, 225X6X6 last 2 sets were all the way to failure
Smith machine Incline press 135X12, 175X12, 195X11X10
Pec Fly Machine 70X12, 80X12
DB Skull Crushers 20'sX12, 25'sX12, 27.5'sX10 it's been years since I've done this exercise with DB's
Pressdowns 60X12, 70X10X8

Fantastic workout!!!

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